O Holy Day

O Holy Day

December 15, 2019 | Scott Lucky

Passage: Leviticus 16:1-34

-WHO will make atonement for us?

-HOW will atonement for us be made?

  1. PREPARATION of the Priest and Sacrifices (vv.1-10)
    1. Preparing the Priest (vv.1-4)
    2. Preparing the Sacrifices (vv.5-10)
  1. SACRIFICES for Atonement from uncleanness and sin (vv. 11-22)
    1. Atoning for the Priest (vv.11-14)
    2. Atoning for the People (vv.15-22)
      • Need for Cleansing (vv.15-19)
      • Need for Taking away (vv.20-22)
  1. FINAL WORDS about the day of Atonement (vv.23-34)
    1. Taking care of the Trash (vv.23-28)
    2. Taking care of the Day (vv.29-34)

Series Information

This series our pastor's are doing exactly what the title says, they are going through and teaching on the books of the Bible. The sermons are focused in on what the Bible wants to teach us from each book. If you have missed any sermons they are all here on the website along with the sermon notes.

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